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The HD-over-coaxial solution prevails in analog video surveillance applications. According to studies on various high 
definition analog technologies, including 960H, AHD HD-CVI ccHDtv HD-MDI, HD-SDI and HD-TVI. Several HD-over-coaxial
technologies coexist, leading inevitably to confusion for end-users, installers, security security integrators.

In this document, we propose to provide information on HD-coaxial based on these studies. Apparently IP-based video
becomes the dominant way of delivering high-definition video and convenience for remote control. "The overarching view of
the security industry right now is that the IP, which uses a network infrastructure and provides high definition video,
over time will replace the analogue solutions that defined video surveillance for half a century. These services similar
declines in sales and revenues, they must find ways to regain their old position in the industry. "

Although surveillance of intellectual property trends is inevitable and unstoppable, the shipment of analog video
surveillance equipment still accounts for more than 60 percent of the world market. We continue to see strong growth
in analog CCTV products in emerging markets, especially India, Vietnam, Nigeria, Kenya. The latest HD-over-coax solutions
include AHD, ccHDtv HD-CVI, HD-MDI, HD-SDI, HD-TVI, these new technologies support the transmission of high definition
video over traditional coaxial cable. These studies report called HD-over-coaxial, the technology must meet
the following six basic requirements:

High quality images that have good clarity, true color reproduction and high signal filtering, noise reductionIt must transmit the signal through the coaxial cable as HD-over-coax is claimed to be an advanced technology,
It must transmit signals at a greater distance 

The video recording / storage equipment must be compatible with the 960H format, and future compatibility with analog splitters and matrix systems. 

Video streaming should not be subject to any loss of compression quality, without video latency. Easy to use and operate, it supports trouble-free configurations on front and rear devices. 

Low cost solution but high quality