16 channels Surveillance System is a DIY DVR Kyt with 12 Surveillance Cameras included

16 channels Surveillance System is a DIY DVR Kyt with 12 Surveillance Cameras included . Great for small business, retail stores
This 16 channel Surveillance System DIY DVR Kyt (Do It Yourself) allows you to connect 16 surveillance cameras. It is is great for small to medium size warehouse, it is also recommended for large retail stores. This video surveillance system guaranties you a standard quality recordings for your 16 cameras. Also this surveillance system includes 12 surveillance cameras of 520tvl resolution witch offers you a good quality video and image recording.

This Surveillance System DIY KYT comes with :

12 Surveillance Cameras OF 520 TVL Choice of the following models :

Dome Indoor Surveillance Camera

Camera model: VS_6030CM

Mini Dome Indoor Surveillance Camera

Camera model: VS_6030CM25

Day Night Dome IR Surveillance Camera

Camera model: VSDIT_6030CM

12 CABLES OF 60 FEET EACH WITH BNC AND POWER CONNECTORS : This is Cat5 professional quality cable with top quality connectors guarantying you better video surveillance images

2 POWER SUPPLY 12 VOLT 5 AMPS : with two 8 CHANNEL extension CABLE for 8 video surveillance cameras. Quality power supply allowing you to distribute proper amperage to each and single one of your surveillance cameras, depending of their distance and requirements. This power supply is totally independent from the 8 channel dvr power supply.

16 CHANNEL DVR STANDALONE VS-5016HE : Video Surveillance System for 16 Cameras

This is a 16 channel surveillance system with 4 audio channel. This 16 channel DIY IT support IPhone, Android and Blackberry etc. It is a great Video Surveillance System it comes with 1CH HDMI output (1080P)

This is a 16 channel surveillance system, also referred has a 16 channel dvr complete surveillance system. Save more money this is totally a DIY “ Do It Yourself” surveillance systems, the DVR is a 16 channel dvr and comes with 12 surveillance cameras. This 16 channel cctv system, offers great recording quality and possibility of Internet and Cell phone broadcast. Super Quality DIY KIT at the best price on the market

Main Processor : Hi3520A <hisilicon> Resolution : 2D1+14CIF Video input : 16 CH Video output : 1CH TV Output ,1CH VGA Output, with 1CH HDMI output (1080P) Audio input/output : 4CH input / 1CH output Alarm input/output : 4CH input / 1CH output Recording(real time) : 2D1+14CIF Playback(real time) : 2D1+6CIF System Resource : Sixfold operation: Live recording, Playback, Backup, Remote access, PTZ control, Mobile monitoring Control Mode : Front panel, USB mouse, IR remote control, Network PTZ : RS485 USB : 2 USB2.0 input, Support wireless mouse Mobile phone : Support iPhone, Android, Blackberry Symbian. Network : Support RJ-45 Backup : USB flash,Network backup Languages : Multilingual support User Extend : 1 YEAR Power supply : DC12V, 3A (Adapter Included) SATA (HDD) : Support 2 SATA port, MAX each HDD 3TB Package Weight : 3.5 Kg Package Size : 335*250*50mm</hisilicon>
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  • Manufacturer: 24VS